jimmy1My name is Belinda, I would just like to take this opportunity to commend an employee that works for you, Mr Jimmy Chituwi.
I have a Nissan Micra that had engine problems and I had a mechanic replace my engine – I passed Jimmy on the road one afternoon and he chased after me, I noticed that a light had come on on my dashboard and that the LDV behind me was flashing his lights, indicating for me to pull over.  I was obviously very nervous being a white lady and it was getting dark.
Lo and behold – Jimmy turned out to be my Savior, my car had serious issues after the new engine was fitted, my belts were dragging under my car and if I had travelled any further I would have done serious damage to my engine.  It was a simple thing to fix but would have had serious consequences if he had not assisted me.
Jimmy went out of his way to help me – he followed me home to make sure I was OK, he ordered the nut that I needed and fixed it in his own time.  I know that as a workshop you would not encourage private work being done but honestly, Jimmy saved my life.
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Jimmy and to let you know that I would recommend his services through Auto 101 to anyone anytime.  I have already told a couple of people about what happened and how good he is and apparently his reputation for being a good mechanic is well known throughout the area, I would hang onto him as an employee 🙂

After having such a bad experience with my last mechanic it was fantastic to know that there are still good mechanics and good people like Jimmy out there. –
Belinda Putterill

Thank you very much to all of you for very efficient service! I’m sure our employee (Thomas) will be thrilled when he drives the tractor today:).
Anne Tait – Bar Circle Ranch

My car went into Auto101 for a service this morning. Thank you team Auto101 for the fantastic job, speedy turn around, super friendly atmosphere and personal service, I’ll definitely be back!
– Richard Maxwell Anderson

Thanks to Auto 101 for my new Tyres. Absolutely love them. Your efforts and skillful team really made it well worth driving from Durban. Thank you again and Job well done!!
– AJ Schroeder

Excellent service! Brent drove out to my place withing 5mins of my call. Sorted out my car to get it to the garage and then advised on the various options available. I recommend Auto101 to everyone!
– Uraisha Haswell

Great Service, with a cup of coffee while you wait, highly recommend.
– Chris Simpson

Great servive.. The best coffee.. Best prices.. They will not take advantage of you!!
– Vaughn Dennis Hayes