3D Wheel Alignment & Tyres


Full Run Tyres

13″  from R450 incl vat
14″ from R500 incl vat
15″ from R600 incl vat
16″ from R720incl vat
17″ from R850 incl vat
18″ from R950 incl vat
19″ from R1200 incl vat
We also supply most brand names at competitive prices


Aircon Service & Regas

We at Auto 101 offer a full range of air conditioning products and services. In addition this includes diagnostics, Regas, pressure testing and more.
Air conditioning keeps you cool and comfortable during hot summer conditions. The air conditioning system also helps improve visibility by aiding the de-misting of your windows in damp and cold weather.
Each year, the efficiency of you air conditioning system deteriorates by up to 15%. This is due to refrigerant loss. This can result in excessive moisture build up and poor circulation of lubricant. This in turn can cause component failure. It is recommended by most manufacturers to service and recharge your air conditioning system every 1-2 years.
Our Air Conditioning Service includes:-

  • Air conditioning system vacuum
  • Leaks checked and inspection for cracks
  • Old oil and gas removed
  • Gas impurities burnt off
  • Tracer die – if needed- added to the system
  • New oil added to the system
  • Refrigerant gas added ( to manufacturers specification)
  • Operating pressures tested
  • Cooling effect tested
  • Further diagnostic investigation or servicing if required



Cars are considered to be like computers on wheels due to todays advanced vehicle technology. It is therefore imperative that workshops have fault diagnostics equipment  along with the best technical expertise available  providing customers with a professional service.

Auto 101 continually invests in fault diagnostics equipment and training ensuring that the technicians are well equipped to deal with fault diagnosing including but not limited to:-

  • Engine Management
  • Fuel  Injection Systems
  • Anti-Lock Braking Systems
  • Electronic Diesel Control Systems Safety Related Systems
  • Comfort Systems
  • Infotainment Systems

To book a vehicle fault diagnostic,  please contact us on (033) 3261480 084 216 8167


Vehicles have many sensors, from the engine, to road wheels, traction control and temperature sensors. The sensors convey information back to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Should one of these sensors have a fault, such as:-

  • Loosing it’s accuracy
  • Relaying anomalous readings
  • Outside of the set parameters
  • Or is out of the ordinary,

The ECU reveals a light on the dashboard. This does not necessarily mean that there is a running fault with the vehicle. There may not be any difference with the drivability, but the light coming on means  that there is something wrong  somewhere.  The Auto Workshop Diagnostic Computers plug  into your vehicle’s ECU through the On Board Diagnostic plug and is able to detect the source of the fault.

However, this unfortunately does not mean that our computers are able to point to the faulty component in question and the  problem is solved.  This would be great. When we have a reading from the computer diagnostics, it requires the experienced technicians to interpret the fault code and then advise the best course of action.

Occasionally, there can be a non-specific fault code retrieved from the computer diagnostics. This means that the fault code points to a system rather than to a component. It is at this point that we try our best to eliminate potentially faulty components. Starting with a combination of what is most likely, in our experience and known as fixes and also cheaper components. This avoids spending your money on expensive components that are not necessary.

Major and Minor Service

hydraulic-scissor-lift At Auto 101, mechanical repairs are carried out on all makes of vehicles. Whether the problem is simple or complex, we have skilled technicians, tools and equipment including but limited to:-

  • Engines
  • Diesel pumps and injectors
  • Cam/Timing belts
  • Gear Boxes
  • Water Pumps
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Exhausts

Auto 101 Worksop Mechanical Repairs
Quality of work carried out is of paramount importance. We therefore only use genuine OE parts, or parts equivalent in quality to the Original Equipment, as well as using top grade oils when servicing and repairing your vehicle.
To obtain any advice or to book your car in for repairs, call us on (033) 3261480 or 084 216 8167